One week after accepting her sorority bid, Annalise  was diagnosed with a life-changing mental illness.  She quickly discovered that sisterhood is sometimes the best therapy; she later realized that by learning to be curious about ourselves and finding the courage to share our stories with others, we can allow deep, meaningful relationships to develop.  This strength allows us to take on any challenge including the ones which feel the most-personal.  Based on many of the stories featured in her blog of the same name, in Curiosity, Courage, and Cake, Annalise will help students discover how…

…a little bit of curiosity can change your entire life,
…a whole lot of courage is necessary to take on your dreams,
…and there is nothing that can’t be made a little bit better with cake!

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will be introduced to key concepts of mental illness, survival and the importance of sisterhood; Identify ways for individuals to assess areas of concern;  Develop strategies for seeking help and supporting members through their journey.

Ideal Audiences: Sorority Life, FSL Programming, Mental Health Awareness