Why do we spend so much time and effort covering our flaws? Who we present to the world is often only a small fragment of who we really are; in Annalise’s Signature Program (Im)Perfect Me: Learning to Love Your Flaws, she encourages audiences to go deeper than the surface. Social media, advertisements and our own conceptions of “perfection” often lead us to portray ourselves in ways which mask our true identity. Even worse, sometimes they force us to make unhealthy decisions. By learning to love your flaws you will achieve a deeper level of self-respect and authenticity.

Learning Outcomes: Audience members will explore ways in which they present themselves to the world; Identify how external forces (peers, social media, etc.) influence perceptions of ourselves;   Develop strategies associated with healthy self-respect and authenticity; Create actionable next-steps to begin to embrace, relish and love their flaws.

Ideal Audiences: First Year Experience, Fraternity/Sorority Life, Health Awareness Programs